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Cookies a GDPR


The company KovoRekoStav sro, IČO: 08107921, with its registered office at Italská 1205/10, 120 00, Prague, File number: C 313132 / MSPH at the Municipal Court in Prague, uses so-called cookies, tags and other similar technologies (hereinafter referred to as "cookies") . Cookies make it possible to provide information tailored to the needs of customers and their effective administration.

Cookies cannot be used to identify visitors to the site or to misuse login details. You can restrict or block the use of cookies in the settings of your web browser

We use cookies to control voting in polls. We also use third party cookies - Google Analytics from Google Inc. - for site traffic analysis. These cookies are controlled by a third party and we do not have access to read or write this data. (see How Google Uses Cookies ).

Cookies collect information about a website's visitor's habits ("visitor") when searching, help create a visitor's profile, and are used to better target advertising to the visitor. They are also used to limit the number of advertising messages per visitor and streamline advertising campaigns.

Cookies are information stored in simple text files placed on a visitor's computer from a web network. These cookies can be read by websites during later visits. The information stored in the cookie may be related to the visitor's behavior when browsing the website, or contain a unique identification number so that the website will be able to "remember" it the next time he visits it.

There are two types of cookies that websites use. Persistent cookies are stored on the visitor's hard drive for a longer period of time. Relational cookies are cached during a visit to the website and are automatically deleted from the computer when the visitor disconnects from the Internet.

The purpose of persistent cookies is, among other things, to facilitate further filling of previously provided data to the visitor, and to collect information about search habits on the website (which may modify, among other things, advertising available in the web browser aimed directly at the interests of the person who entered certain data, whether personal or otherwise), entered eg in the form for requesting our services.


Browser settings and cookie settings:

If the visitor does not agree with the use of the service provided by so-called cookies, he can follow the instructions given in the tab of his internet browser "Help" and thus deactivate the storage of all cookies on his computer.

In addition to permanently disabling the storage of cookies, these files can be manually deleted from your computer (usually using the keyboard shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + Delete) after each visit to the website.

However, due to the benefits that these cookies allow, we recommend their use.

What type of information do we collect?

We receive, collect and store all information you enter on our website (name and surname, e-mail, telephone).

How do we collect information?

When you make a transaction on our site, we collect personal information that you provide to us, such as your name, address and email address, as part of the process. Your personal data will only be used for the specific reasons mentioned above.


What is GDPR?
The GDPR is a regulation that aims to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the EU. Its aim is to protect the fundamental right to privacy and the protection of personal data.

Wix and GDPR

Wix uses the hash function of cryptography to protect your information. Your data is stored as a hash digest and in the event of a security breach, it will not be possible to recover the original password from our servers. is certified under the EU-US Privacy Framework and the Swiss-US Privacy Framework established by the US Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use and retention of personal data transferred from the European Union and Switzerland to the US, and therefore adheres to the Shield Principles to protect privacy.
In accordance with the GDPR, site visitors have the right to access their data or to "forget" (to permanently delete from your databases). Wix has developed tools to help you comply with GDPR. Contact us to do it for you.


For questions or comments, or if you do not agree with the use of so-called services. Cookies, please do not hesitate to contact or possibly by mail at the Italian 1205/10, 120 00 Prague.

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