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We specialize in complete remodeling and renovation of houses and apartments, as well as non-residential and commercial premises of any kind. We do also provide partial services and demolition services (complete or partial, such as demolition of a partition), including proper waste recycling and overall cleaning of the space. 


Our experienced workers perform a wide range of works: demolition and dismantling, masonry, plasterboard, electrical, plumbing and heating work, modification and installation of air conditioning and gas, laying and delivery of floor coverings, tiling and painting work,  providing needed legal inspection reports (for electricity, gas, water, etc.).

We offer home remodeling services with creation of graphic designs and 3D visualizations. In creating the design, we rely on our long-term experience as a construction company in terms of appearance, comfort, efficiency and maintenance of the design solution. Further, we make these design come true. If any paper work in Czech language is needed - we take care of it.

KovoRekoStav worker


Demolition & 
Earth work

  • Small to large objects

  • Private & commercial objects 

  • Earthworks and excavations

  • Waste disposal and removal

  • Surface maintenance

  • Summer / winter 

  • House maintenance

  • Plot preparation




  • General contracting

  • Construction consulting

  • Supervision

  • Heating & Electro

  • Plumbing & Wiring

  • Revision reports

  • Interior / exterior design

  • Houses / apartments

  • Commercial premises

  • Industrial premises

  • Kitchen, bathroom, basement

  • Other parts of the building

  • Exterior

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