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We are a construction company that provides comprehensive services in the field of remodelingreconstruction and renovation of apartments, flats, family houses, commercial premises and any other type of real estate. Based in and doing most of our projects in Prague and its surrounding areas, we also provide services across the entire Czech Republic.

Founded in 2019 with just one small crew, by 2023 we have grown to three crews and have finished over 50 complete remodeling projects and provided numerous partial services, such as finishing works on new builds, fixing mistakes made by unqualified workers, selective works and so on.


Our crews include only highly experienced and professional workers who are direct employees of KovoRekoStav s.r.o. – not subcontractors. Each field crew is supervised by our Technical Director, who sets tasks and controls their proper execution on a daily basis. This allows us to have full control over our schedule, the quality of work performed, and the outcome you will be most satisfied with.

When we work with an English-speaking client, the execution of work is also controlled directly by the Executive Director. He oversees every phase of the project from start to finish and manages all communication and reporting in English, ensuring the most correct implementation of client's desires.

KovoRekoStav worker and technical director

We will provide you with a full and comprehensive scope and estimate, usually within a week after the initial property inspection (or after receiving all the necessary blueprints and a description of the project). Working with property owners, we will determine which components of the estimate should be completed and which can be reviewed at a later time to ensure we are hitting specific budget and time performance goals.

We strive to begin projects within one month from the date of signing a contract, however, sometimes it may take longer time since we may be booked in advance or have large projects in process. The typical completion time depends on various factors, but our average complete remodeling project of a small to medium property takes us about one to two months, depending on the choice of finishing materials and types of work.

Being a relatively small and local company, we are free from the disadvantages of big international construction companies and real estate agencies. This allows us to provide an individual approach to every client, while maintaining the same or even better quality at a much cheaper price.



Complex services

Customer satisfaction

Professional approach

The whole process is under control of construction manager, who is responsible for a quality of work.

Providing a wide range of services: from a design to the implementation. 

Clear understanding of

customer's demands, honesty and openness.

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