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3+1 apartment reconstruction in

Prague 11, Haje


In May - June 2020, we renovated a 3+1 apartment in the Háje district of Prague. In less than two months, we managed to completely transform the appearance of the old apartment and significantly increase its value.


First, we completed all the necessary disassembly and preparations. Then new electrical networks and sewerage pipes have been installed throughout the whole apartment. The walls were properly leveled, plasterboard ceiling was installed. When all the essential works were completed, we moved to a finishing, cosmetic work.


A complete renovation of all rooms and reconstruction of the apartment core was made. There was a replacement of floor coverings, repainting of the entire apartment (incl. ceiling), replacement of windows (incl. balcony), installation of a fume hood (incl. new pipes for steam and odor extraction and its hiding in a plasterboard box), installation of kitchen, furniture and lighting, radiators replacement and much more.


Overall, it turned out that the apartment was bright, warm and cozy. And the main thing is that professionally and qualitatively made repairs will please its owners for many more years. The company "KovoRekoStav s.r.o." doesn't doubt this, because we are sure in our capabilities and provide a guarantee for all works to make customer sure about this too. 

Customer feedback

"I would like to thank you for your help and organization of the reconstruction in my apartment.
To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of your company's organizational system. Everyone has mistakes, but the most important is the system of their elimination. The problem was fixed in the shortest possible time and in the correct form (laying floor tiles).
Eventually, the result exceeded all expectations.

I definitely recommend Kovorekostav and I will be happy to confirm my words in writing or by telephone."


Ivan S.

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