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1kk apartment renovation on Prague 1


In September 2023, we've completed the renovation of a 1kk apartment on Příčná str., Prague 1 - Nové Město.

The final price of the reconstruction, including all the additional works and the purchase of some elements (such as a boiler, sanitary equipment, shower, flooring, interior doors, tiles, etc.) is CZK 471,000 without VAT.

This price includes:

- Demolition, dismantling work, removal and transportation of wastes to a junkyard;

- Drilling the larger opening to the living room;
- Clearing the apartment and preparing for the next steps;
- New electrical distribution and assembly, incl. changes in the switchboard;
- New water and waste distribution systems;

- Renovation of the visible part of the old masonry (including renovation joints);
- Leveling the floor;

- Waterproofing of the floor (according to the owner's requirements);
- Plastering of walls and ceilings;
- Bathroom waterproofing;
- Wall levelling and installation of a large-format tiles;
- Installation of a "hidden" inspection door in the same design as the tiles;

- Changing the boiler's location and hiding it under the new drywall ceiling (including the installation of a large

   inspection door for an easy access to a boiler);
- Painting with washable and abrasion-resistant Dulux EasyCare paint;
- Installation of a built-in WC module and a wall-hung WC;

- Installation of a hidden sewage pump (due to the location of the apartment below the sewer level);
- Installation of a heated floor (which is controlled remotely via mobile applications);
- Installation of sinks, cabinets, etc.;
- Installation of shower, screen and accessories (including concealed faucet);
- Installation of vinyl flooring on glue and and skirting boards;
- Installation of interior door and frame;
- Installation of all lights (including ceiling spotlights);

- Complete final cleaning before handing over the apartment.

Contact us if you are interested in seeing more photo/video of the process of this project or for a free quote for the reconstruction of your project.

Final state of the apartment:

Original state of the apartment:

Photos of the process of reconstruction:

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