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Luxurious 3kk apartment renovation in Prague 8


At the end of January 2024, our team celebrated the successful completion of a comprehensive renovation for an opulent 3-bedroom apartment, meticulously orchestrated in alignment with the design blueprint by the esteemed international studio, V. Concept Design Studio. Executed with unparalleled precision, our undertaking remained steadfastly loyal to the original visualizations and blueprints while ensuring meticulous attention to detail and practicality at every juncture.

The project's scope extended far and wide, encompassing all facets of the renovation journey, from the demolition works to the installation of custom-designed furniture and lighting fixtures, adding a touch of timeless elegance to the space.

This transformative endeavor witnessed the apartment undergo a complete metamorphosis, ushering in the installation of new electrical, plumbing, and waste distribution systems, alongside the seamless integration of an intelligent home solution "LOXONE". This sophisticated system seamlessly interconnects all lighting fixtures, new air conditioning units, original tubular floor heating, and outdoor blinds, harmoniously blending modern convenience with aesthetic allure.

Following the removal of the original flooring and plaster, our skilled craftsmen meticulously leveled all surfaces before laying Italian wooden parquets and large-format tiles (some spanning up to 1200 x 2780 mm in size), resulting in a seamless and visually captivating finish.

Further enhancements included the construction of new false walls using drywall, the installation of drywall ceilings and discreet niches for concealed LED lighting and electric curtain rods. Additionally, the project encompassed the installation of three Mitsubishi air conditioning units, including the design and construction of a bespoke steel structure to accommodate the outdoor unit on the terrace.

Other notable highlights encompassed the replacement of terrace flooring, plastering and painting of walls and ceilings, the installation of luxurious wooden wall panels, and the assembly of bespoke kitchen and furniture elements. Noteworthy features such as towering mirrors, reaching heights of up to 275 cm, add a sense of grandeur to the space, epitomizing the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail evident throughout the project.

The transformative journey of this apartment is encapsulated in the captivating visuals showcased below, inviting you to witness the seamless fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary sophistication.

Contact us if you are interested in seeing more photo/video of the process of this project or for a free quote for the reconstruction of your project.


Final state of the apartment:

3D visualizations

Original state + the process of reconstruction:

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