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3kk apartment reconstruction in Prague 10


In May 2022, we have finished a reconstruction of a spacious 3-bedroom apartment in Prague.


What was done:


  • Demolition of several existing walls and subsequent building of new partitions from Ytong;

  • Demolition of a whole for an interior window in a newly created office room;

  • Delivery and installation of a wooden interior window;

  • Removal of old floors (ceramic tiles and linoleum) and installation of parquet;

  • New water and sewerage system (for both bathrooms and a kitchen);

  • New electricity wiring, incl. switches and sockets, lights;

  • Upon customer's wish, we've prepared a tube in the wall, through which the client will be able to easily pull an internet and sound system cables in the future;

  • Plaster repairs after installation of new cables;

  • Installation of new doors and frames;

  • Waterproofing of bathrooms;

  • Ceiling drywall installation;

  • Leveling and tiling of walls with ceramic tiles;

  • Painting walls and ceilings with washable Primalex Fortissimo paint.

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