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4kk apartment complete renovation in Prague 1


In November 2023, we completed the renovation of a spacious 4-bedroom apartment in Letenská Street, Prague 1 - Malá Strana. The apartment underwent a complete renovation, including a change in the layout of the walls, layout of the kitchen, bathtub, shower and electrical cables.

The final price of the reconstruction, including all additional works (ordered by the investor) and the purchase of elements such as a boiler, sanitation, shower, bathtub, floor covering, interior doors, tails, etc., is CZK 1,118,000 without VAT.

This price includes:

- Demolition, dismantling work, disposal and removal of waste;
- Breaking down partitions and building a new ones (new drywall partitions and ceilings);
- Walling up the doorway to the kitchen and installing shelves in the deepening of the wall;
- New electricity & water distribution due to the change in the layout of the kitchen;
- Change of connections to radiators and replacement of the radiators in the entire apartment;
- New electrical distribution, incl. changes in the switchboard and official revision document;
- New water and waste distribution systems in the bathrooms;
- Strengthening and leveling all the floors;
- Waterproofing of bathrooms;
- Plastering of walls;
- Installation of large-format tiles on walls and floors of bathroom and toilet;
- Installation of inspection doors;
- Painting with washable and abrasion-resistant Primalex paint;
- Installation of a built-in module and a wall-hung WC;
- Installation of shower cabin, bathtub and accessories (including concealed faucet);
- Installation of wooden flooring and wooden skirting boards;
- Installation of interior doors and frames;
- Installation of all lights (including ceiling spotlights);
- Installation of Blinds Direct window blinds;
- Assembly of kitchen, sinks, cupboards, etc.;
- Complete final cleaning before handing over the apartment.

Contact us if you are interested in seeing more photo/video of the process of this project or for a free quote for the reconstruction of your project.


Final state of the apartment:

Original state of the apartment:

Photos of the process of reconstruction:

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