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Reconstruction of the bathroom.

Prague 1, Opletalova st.


In February 2020, we reconstructed a bathroom in an apartment in Prague 1. The whole process took nine days, including dismantling work and final cleaning.


In the bathroom, we replaced the water and sewer, we also laid new electrical wires. We also leveled the walls and floor, waterproofing, laying tiles, tiling and joining them. We installed a stretched plastic ceiling foil and doors (incl. paneling, fittings and locks). At then end a bath, sink, hanging toilet, heating ladder and all equipment were installed.


This design and choice of colors was entirely up to us as the client did not have time for that. We will be happy to offer you the design of your place from our professional designer and 3D vizualization, if needed. Doing so we rely on many years of experience in performing similar work, what helps us to create good-looking, comfortable and practical interior.


Hodnocení zákazníka

"I would like to thank the company "Kovorekostav" for the efficiency, speed and quality of renovations in my bathroom. The boys are professionals in their field, they did the job perfectly and on time. Now I will do repairs only with this company."


Hana M.

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