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Complete apartment reconstruction in

Prague 9, Prosek.


The owner of the apartment, who lives in another city, turned to our company with a request to make repairs in the apartment with the aim of renting it out, so that it was not necessary to make extensive modifications or reconstructions. Basically, the goal of the reconstruction was to refresh the apartment, what, according to the owner's words, we have successfully achieved.


Note: To make repairs for people outside Prague or Czech Republic (or even Europe), we have a special service "Remote reconstruction of apartments".


Due to the goals of the reconstruction, we did not have to carry out any dismantling works, and started immediately with the preparation of the walls: priming and then plastering. In addition, all the corners of windows and doors were also leveled and plastered so that in the future our client would not encounter an unpleasant "surprise".


As it should be according to the technology, the ceiling plastering and the installation of plasterboard ceiling were carried out only after the distribution of electrical cables, ventilation and other necessary communications under the ceiling were done. The last phase of the rough repairs was the waterproofing of the bathroom. There we applied a primer before performing the waterproofing of the floor, as required by the standards. We also installed sewers and water pipes.


We installed interior doors (incl. sliding one) in the apartment, laid a laminate floor, replaced the entrance door, installed plinths (floor molding), drawers, moldings. In the bathrooms were installed plumbing, faucets, electrical furnishings, mirror, etc. We also installed the kitchen and built-in cabinets.


Overall, the renovation turned out to be of high quality and for reasonable price. Light colours of the flat have created a calm and cozy interior, return to which is always pleasant after a hard day'.


Customer review

" I already worked with this company earlier in 2019,  I ordered the repair of two rooms in the apartment from them. The reply was fast enough, I got a CN the next day and then I signed a contract and handed over the construction site. In addition to having experienced craftsmen, I liked that they do not require payment in advance. The rooms were repaired on time, there were no complaints about quality, they also provided a 2-year warranty. "


Jan N.

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