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Family house reconstruction in Prague suburb


During the summer - autumn of 2021, we completed the reconstruction of a two-store family house in the vicinity of Prague.

During the reconstruction, we did:

- New plumbing and sewerage incl. pressure tests

- Replacement of radiators with new ones

- New electrical installation, incl. official revision documents from an authorized electricity inspector

- Delivery and installation of security system

- Replacement of switchers, sockets, mounting boxes

- Delivery and installation of air conditioning units

- Installation of new doors

- Leveling ceilings, floors and walls

- Gypsum plaster on the ceilings and walls, including fiberglass mesh (plastering netting)

- Painting walls and ceilings with Dulux and Primalex colours

- Tiling of various formats, from large (60x60cm) to very large format (160x320cm)

- Installation of new parquet as well as renovation of the stairs parquet

- Complete renovation of restrooms

- And a lot more

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